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Securing Edge Territory

guardDog has developed an AI-powered cloud platform and patented technology to proactively eliminate cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. A combination of network security device and cloud service, guardDog secures network ‘edge territory’ by exposing invisible threats on networks. Every business, government, healthcare institution, or home network user, are grappling with finding security solutions for a changing world, especially with how to manage and secure workers on remote networks. guardDog is pioneering new innovations designed to meet the challenges of this changing landscape.

Your #1 Choice For Edge Territory Protection

guardDog is a locally-deployed electronic “overlay” device that is connected to a central router, with additional guardDog units located nearby wireless network access points.

guardDog identifies and constantly monitors every “endpoint” device on the network (“recon”), using cloud-based AI cognitive software to identify bad actors engaged in unauthorized surveillance and malicious activities.

Upon identification, guardDog responds in real time with an escalating series of catalogued countermeasures to effectively stop the attack – and discourage the attacker from trying again.

Why Choose guardDog

Visibility & Protection of Edge Territory

Vulnerability Assessments Real Time

Proactive Counter Measures

What is Edge Territory?

Edge Territory is the invisible space between networks. For example connecting to a hotel or cafe Wi-Fi network or working from home while doing work could create vulnerabilities around sensitive or private data. Any device on a network can also leave openings, such as a web cam, a digital doorbell, etc. guardDog creates visibility in this space, and has an AI-powered cloud solution that keeps your guardDog device up to date on the latest threats. So, you can now see the invisible and do something to stop it.

Easy Installation

Easy installation instruction card with step by step graphics

Stop Hackers

Shift cost burden to cyber-attackers so they won’t come back

Full Tech Support

Award winning Tech Support that can step by step assist you

Management Team

Peter Bookman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

25 years leading teams and disrupting markets with numerous exits. 2001 sold Phobos to SonicWall (now Dell) $321M. 2014 Fusion-io public NASDAQ $2.4B, sold to Sandisk. 2015 sold V3 Systems to Sphere 3d, later on NASDAQ. Peter has deep experience in engineering, and is credited as an inventor to 14 patents in both software and hardware intellectual property.

Anant Asthana

Chief Technology Officer

Architecture data scientist expert in software and security. Background in kernel/device drivers. Passion for implementing cutting edge machine learning systems. Ethical hacker specializing in network vulnerabilities.

Dewey MacKay

Chief Financial Officer

Extensive experience with startups and multinationals in operations, finance, and business development. Built startups at Altrice Investments, leading to multiple exits. Managing Member Quantacy Investments trading in global currency markets.

Shawn Patrick

Chief Marketing Officer

Branding and marketing expert with decades of leadership experience developing startups into market leaders in Silicon Valley. Deep background in enterprise solutions, SaaS, PaaS, security, and artificial intelligence.

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