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Dealers now have the opportunity to be leaders in the future of the home technology industry while increasing revenue streams with a new cloud-based service for their clients! guardDog stops cyber attacks in LESS THAN 2 MILLISECONDS with our Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) technology, which uses artificial intelligence to detect cyber threats and instantly shut them down. The service stays up to date on all the latest threats, such as ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial of service, and emerging novel threats, to protect your clients’ networks and the devices attached to them. From the moment our Fido overlay device is plugged into a network, it works with guardDog Protective Cloud Services (PCS) to combat threats with AiR technology before they compromise privacy and security.

Rethink how you proactively protect your clients’ valuable assets with guardDog, the only solution that protects your clients’ entire grid network. Become a certified cybersecurity expert through the guardDog integrator certification training program for registered dealers.

The guardDog Integrator Certification Training Program includes:

Note: We are highly selective in offering marketing assets and representation to partners as to not only protect from oversaturation in territory proliferation, but to avoid market exclusion without minimum prerequisites.

  • White glove certification for integrators and their team members through in-depth online training covering revenue  opportunities, product features, and installation ($500 value)
  • 20% discount on Fido units & PCS monthly service plans
  • Up to an additional 10% on all product discounts & subscriptions based on quarterly sales milestones
  • Direct billing payment options include monthly credit card or annual billing based on net-30 terms
  • Minimum quarterly sales goals to retain territory dealership
  • Access to online marketing materials and collateral
  • Online website link for orders and project registration
  • Dealer hotline for sales and technical support
  • Distributed PCS portal for integrator client management
  • Standard PCS portal for client access of their protected networks
  • Administration team for territory event assistance
  • Merchandise available for purchase (shirts, caps, etc.)
  • Access to new product developments for the home and office arena
  • Lead generation provided to territory dealers for sales and deployment

Dealer Income Stream Opportunity:

  • Create additional service billing (monthly/quarterly) for integrator direct to the client
  • White Glove Fido install integration, registration, setup server monitoring, and threat resolution
  • PCS support resource and remote actions review of monitoring all firmware & hardware/software upgrades for all home
    or office wired and Wi-Fi systems
  • Small appliance sales upgrades or recommendations with property safety protocols
  • Larger appliance sales upgrades or recommendations with property safety protocols
  • IT specialists for coordination of advanced programming/correction of incidents needing immediate attention on wired
    and wireless products

Reduce Risk from Costly Cyber Attacks – Protect your Clients from Ransomware, Threats, & Vulnerabilities with Defense is Now Affordable
with Customer Trust you can Rely on!

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guardDog Offers Dealers Recurring Revenue Opportunities for Delivering Turnkey
Protective Cloud Services (PCS) as a New Client Cybersecurity Service

guardDog has developed a cloud-based cybersecurity solution – Protective Cloud Services (PCS) with our companion Fido device, which proactively protects consumers, small business owners and large enterprises from continuously evolving cybersecurity threats. Working as a protective overlay to a traditional network, the technology reports found threats, vulnerabilities, and stops attacks as it monitors Wi-Fi and wired networks, attached devices, IoT, and many other potential vulnerable access points

The average new home has 37 IoT devices, and guardDog protects the “Internet of Things” throughout the network, learning new behaviors to apply passive and autonomous countermeasure offerings that constantly adapt to an expanding attack surface.


Photo Courtesy of Glenn Merlin Johnson, Adaptive Design Group Inc.

Benefits to Securing Networks
with guardDog Distributed PCS

or call us at 1-833-448-2733 to get started

Reduce Risk from Costly Cyber Attacks – Protect Your Clients from Ransomware, Threats, & Vulnerabilities with guardDog
Protecting Customer Trust is Now Affordable!


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