Protective Cloud Services (PCS)

$6 Trillion 2021 Global Cyber Crime Impact Estimate

$3.86 Million

Average Breach Cost

48% Small Business

Professional Service Providers

United States

Highest Est. Losses

Attorneys, Banking, Credit unions, Certified Public Accountants, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Stock Brokers anyone that serves the financial services industries, are stewarding private information as a central function of daily business. It is a primary fiduciary duty when handling private information, to protect the interests and the privacy of those that would be affected by a cyber-security breach. Breaches translate to costly liabilities which can dramatically impact an organization’s reputation with customers and partners, lead to fines from regulatory authorities, lead to loss of revenue and market value, and generally, lead to a loss of confidence. Violating trust is expensive.

“The shift to detection and response approaches spans people, process and technology elements and will drive a majority of security market growth over the next five years”

– Sid Deshpande, Gartner Distributed Protective Cloud Services (PCS) Offers the Solution has developed a cloud-based software service called Protective Cloud Services (PCS) which comes with a companion device called Fido that work together to help organizations respond to evolving cyber security threats. Working as an overlay to a traditional network, the technology monitors Wi-Fi and wired networks and reports on found threats and vulnerabilities across Wi-Fi and wired networks, attached devices, IoT, and many other potential vulnerable access points.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, deploys Autonomous Incident Response (AiR) technology to keep up on the latest threats and can learn new behaviors to apply autonomous countermeasures to a constantly adapting and expanding attack surface.

With upcoming State and Federal Compliance mandates accountability for providing cyber security protection and continues to evolve. As attacks continue daily at an alarming rate, lawmakers are quickly enacting legislation to provide extra consumer protections. Many agencies, including the S.E.C., FINRA and others are requiring cyber security regulatory reporting including risk analysis for public companies including, those with work from home personnel, companies maintaining personal client information, including work from home by requiring organizations provide cyber security protection of your client’s valuable records. With, organizations can manage their distributed office, remote work environments, and client’s privacy through our Distributed PCS dashboard.

Cyber Attacks happen Every 11 Seconds! It is not a matter of ”If” you will be attacked it is “When”!
Reduce your Regulatory Risk from the expense of Cyber Attacks – Ransomware, Threats & Vulnerabilities 

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Distributed Protective Cloud Services (PCS) Offers the Only Compliance Solution

Benefits to Securing Networks with guardDog Distributed PCS

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Reduce Risk from Costly Cyber Attacks – Protect Your Clients from Ransomware, Threats, & Vulnerabilities with guardDog
Protecting Customer Trust is Now Affordable!



guardDog Protects Edge Territory

guardDog has developed an AI-powered cloud platform and patented technology to proactively eliminate cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. A combination of network security device and cloud service, guardDog secures network ‘edge territory’ by exposing invisible threats on networks. Every business, government, healthcare institution, or home network user, are grappling with finding security solutions for a changing world, especially with how to manage and secure workers on remote networks. guardDog is pioneering new innovations designed to meet the challenges of this changing landscape.

15 Proven Methods to Preserve Security in Remote Work Environments Expert Panel®

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11. Help Employees Secure All Devices

A network is only as secure as its most vulnerable device. For true security, companies should give employees the tools to secure all the devices on their network, not just their work-issued phone or laptop. There are emerging monitoring and management services like guardDog that can assess the vulnerability of all devices, monitor for attacks and automatically make security updates. – Giles Sutton, CEDIA


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