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Active Incident Response – White Paper

At, we believe that the blueprint that drives the cybersecurity lane to success is to deter, apprehend, and disarm attacks without interference to our daily practices. Snippet from this White Paper article Peter Bookman, founder and CEO of guardDog excerpt...

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guarding Financial Industries

guarding Financial Industries

Protective Cloud Services (PCS)$6 Trillion 2021 Global Cyber Crime Impact EstimateAverage Breach CostProfessional Service ProvidersHighest Est. LossesAttorneys, Banking, Credit unions, Certified...

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Stephen O’Donnell Joins guardDog

“guardDog’s smart AI can sniff out vulnerabilities, and by extending the security operations center into the highest risk territory of the corporate network, the unprotected edge, like hotels and...

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Edge Territory"?

Edge Territory is the invisible space between networks. For example connecting to a hotel or cafe Wi-Fi network or working from home while doing work could create vulnerabilities around sensitive or private data. Any device on a network can also leave openings, such as a web cam, a digital doorbell, etc. guardDog creates visibility in this space, and has an AI-powered cloud solution that keeps your guardDog device up to date on the latest threats. So, you can now see the invisible and do something to stop it.

What can guardDog show me?

guardDog can show you all devices on your network and will report suspicious activity using an array of color coded threat levels. All of these can be seen and managed through your guardDog cloud dashboard.

How does guardDog work?

guardDog acts as a proxy between networks, to ensure only those authorized operate on your edge territory network. guardDog gets regular updates from our AI-powered cloud service which monitors and reports on threats. 

When will guardDog be available?

guardDog is available now, sign up click here 

How much does it cost?

For Plans and Pricing click here.

Are you working with large enterprise companies?

Yes, we have been perfecting our approach with enterprise customers across industry verticals. guardDog is the perfect remote worker management platform and we are happy to tell you more. Click on Get in Touch for Enterprise Plan and someone on our team will get back with you.

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