guardDog Protective Cloud Services 

guardDog Protective Cloud Services (PCS) are designed to offer the simplest and most cost-effective answer to the growing vulnerabilities around the use of inherently vulnerable devices on networks that lack visibility or protective measures in Edge Territory.

We refer to Edge Territory as the space between “known” or “understood” networks usually the management and protection of cybersecurity professionals. Only through combined visibility at a device and network-level can effective protective measures be taken. As the enterprise becomes more distributed, a trend accelerated by remote working, traditional methods of extending trust beyond the enterprise network are proving inadequate. Deploying expensive security technology and cybersecurity experts on staff is not practical to extend to remote networks. Simpler and more cost-effective solutions are needed.


guardDog PCS is deployed as an overlay to existing networks designed to monitor wireless and wired networks and the devices that are attached to them. Our solution is a combination of security device installed on Edge Territory networks, guardDog FiDo, and guardDog PCS, our AI-powered protective services. FiDo can be installed and activated in minutes on any network and immediately begins identifying all attached devices on the network and the network itself. FiDo will scan the network at regular intervals for new devices or changes to the network to ensure it maintains the latest information regarding network citizens.

guardDog PCS then combines device information on the network and the network itself with publicly known and unknown information regarding exploits of all connected devices. This provides new levels of visibility with little to no expertise required to perform risk assessment of the Edge Territory networks.

Using a simple color-coded system to score the threat risk associated with any detected incidents guardDog PCS provides an easier way to determine what threats to focus on. A simple glance can show you whether the network or devices are green, yellow, orange or red.

Red, the highest threat level, indicates that there is an attempted exploit taking place at that moment. Orange indicates the known exploit can cause known damage to the devices, networks, and information contained on them. Yellow has increased risk based on being known to be exploited but is not critical. Lastly, Green indicated devices to be as safe as possible with the information available.

Here’s our actual Service Operating Center (S.O.C.)

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As a real-time network overlay, guardDog PCS watches and guards Wi-Fi networks with AI-powered automated countermeasures that will shut down attempted exploits of device and network vulnerabilities.

guardDog PCS watches for the publicly known and unknown exploits that typically attack networks and devices attached to wireless networks. guardDog PCS then deploys countermeasures intended to successfully thwart the exploits that makeup attacks.

guardDog PCS protects against attacks such as:

  • Denial of Service – seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet. Denial of service is typically accomplished by flooding the targeted machine or resource with superfluous requests to overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled.  
  • Spoofing – a person or program successfully identifies as another by falsifying data to gain an illegitimate advantage. Many of the protocols in the TCP/IP suite do not provide mechanisms for authenticating the source or destination of a message, and they are thus vulnerable to spoofing attacks when extra precautions are not taken by applications to verify the identity of the sending or receiving host. 
  • Man in the Middle – the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communications between two parties who believe that they are directly communicating with each other. One example of a man in the middle attack is active eavesdropping, in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them to make them believe they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker. The attacker must be able to intercept all relevant messages passing between the two victims and inject new ones. This is straightforward in many circumstances; for example, an attacker within the reception range of an unencrypted Wi-Fi access point could insert themselves as a man-in-the-middle. 

While not limited to these families or specific attacks, guardDog PCS utilizes its patent-pending approach to redirect potential exploits or attacks to places where they cannot do their intended harm, such as the attacker themselves. guardDog PCS maintains an extensive collection of automated countermeasures that minimize impact to the network or devices being protected while offering simple and clear protections on the wireless spectrum. 

When combined with guardDog Theta or Omega support solutions, a certified guardDog security technician offers additional help in preventing exploits or attacks not on the wireless networks as well as potential responses should an exploit be attempted the guardDog PCS can see. This provides unparalleled simplicity and cost-effective protection “per edge territory” that to date has not been available for networks. Now, anyone can easily install guardDog FiDo on a network within their control to expose and shut down cybersecurity threats. 

guardDog Protective Cloud Services Features

  • Cloud-based artificial intelligence works to keep current on the latest threats 
  • Automatically eliminates Wi-Fi network attacks such as denial of service and others 
  • Color codes threats and offers detailed forensic details 
  • Tracks all attack incidents and vulnerability analysis in detailed logs 
  • Exposes possible device and network vulnerabilities on wired and wireless networks 
  • Offers enterprise management features for working in distributed environments 

guardDog FiDo

guardDog FiDo security devices are engineered to be the delivery point for the guardDog Protection Cloud Services. Through the deployment of this overlay device with a simple four-step process, FiDo can then instantly access all guardDog PCS features and services anywhere it is deployed. 

guardDog FiDo connects to your router via a wired Ethernet connection to provide the needed information to the guardDog PCS as well as act as the enforcing agent for our protective cloud services.   

Combining guardDog FiDo with the guardDog PCS introduces a hybrid cloud architecture that utilizes the cooperative power of security device and countermeasure services to offer everything needed to protect network environments. In today’s changing world, guardDog offers a unique solution to improving security between the traditional enterprise and remote 3rd party networks.

guardDog FiDo Features

  • Deploy FiDo on any network in minutes without security expertise 
  • Gain visibility into all devices connected with your network 
  • Automatically updates with guardDog protection cloud services 
  • Indicator light lets you know when an attack is occurring 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "Edge Territory"?

Edge Territory is the invisible space between networks. For example connecting to a hotel or cafe Wi-Fi network or working from home while doing work could create vulnerabilities around sensitive or private data. Any device on a network can also leave openings, such as a web cam, a digital doorbell, etc. guardDog creates visibility in this space, and has an AI-powered cloud solution that keeps your guardDog device up to date on the latest threats. So, you can now see the invisible and do something to stop it.

What can guardDog show me?

guardDog can show you all devices on your network and will report suspicious activity using an array of color coded threat levels. All of these can be seen and managed through your guardDog cloud dashboard.

How does guardDog work?

guardDog acts as a proxy between networks, to ensure only those authorized operate on your edge territory network. guardDog gets regular updates from our AI-powered cloud service which monitors and reports on threats. 

When will guardDog be available?

guardDog is available now, sign up click here 

How much does it cost?

We have not yet announced this, but our initial product will be monthly cloud service and device fee. Annual purchases will provide discounts.

Are you working with large enterprise companies?

Yes, we have been perfecting our approach with enterprise customers across industry verticals. guardDog is the perfect remote worker management platform and we are happy to tell you more. Click on Get in Touch for Enterprise Plan and someone on our team will get back with you.

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